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Private Wealth Management

At RockWay Wealth Partners, we provide tailored financial planning for all aspects of your life. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to address your short and long-term needs and help you pursue your financial dreams.   

We also proactively collaborate with the other professionals in your life, we see them as strategic partners and members of the team that supports you in your financial pursuits. These professionals are CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, bankers, and more. 

Investment Management

Avoiding short-lived investment fads, instead, we focus on institutional money management with market diversification, portfolio strategy models, and sound economic themes. As our client, we work with you to determine your investment objectives, timelines of various liquidity needs, and risk tolerance to create the most appropriate asset allocation for your unique needs and goals.

Retirement Planning

We work with clients in all stages of retirement planning, from building assets, transitioning into retirement, and helping to get the most out of your financial situation while in retirement. We’ll work with you to make sure your retirement plan makes logical sense for implementation in your life.

Benefits Plan Optimization

Executive compensation packages and employee retirement benefit plans offered through your employer are a great way to save for retirement. A study conducted by Aon Hewitt & Financial Engines showed that participants in defined contribution plans using an advisor earned considerably higher returns. We will help you understand your benefits, and assist you with them if desired.


Whether ensuring your family is taken care of after your passing, having an income stream in the event of illness or disability, covering long-term care costs, establishing proper insurance coverage is critical for creating a sound financial strategy. Our independence allows you to consider many different companies we can use to assist with your risk management needs for Life, Disability Income, and Long Term Care. 

Estate Planning

Very simply, we all need a plan for what happens when we pass away. Money, Property, Liabilities, Taxes, Beneficiaries, Family...They're all affected. With an estate plan, you can make sure that your beneficiaries and organizations important to you benefit in the exact way you want them to while helping to avoid conflict for those left behind because of your sound planning.

College Planning

Many families want to plan for future college funding while still saving for retirement. We aim to strike a balance between your immediate needs for college planning and your future retirement goals. We can help you determine appropriate educational plans, while you save and plan for your retirement simultaneously.

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