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Our Advantage

At RockWay Wealth Partners, we strive to stand out from the average wealth management firm. We believe there are several factors that set us apart, including:

Our Independence

As an independent firm, we are not confined to proprietary products, sales quotas, or conflicts of interest. Rather, we employ the solutions we believe best align with your unique situation. While we have access to the comprehensive services and resources of a national firm, we provide the flexibility and tailoring of a boutique practice. We are passionate about understanding your unique circumstances and putting your best interests first in all decisions.

Professional Collaboration

We love to work for you with the other professional advisors in your life as a collective team.  As another option, we’ve formed strategic relationships only with other professionals whose mission aligns with our own: to offer the highest level of service, expertise, personalized attention, and inspired solutions. We collaborate with a diverse range of experienced professionals, including CPAs, Attorneys, Insurance Agents (property, casualty, commercial), Bankers, Payroll & Human Resources Outsourcing, Corporate Finance, Merger & Acquision, Employee Benefits, Real Estate, and Private Equity.

This interdisciplinary approach allows us to connect you to a comprehensive suite of services. By relying on a team of professionals working together, you may be able to better ensure that your strategies cohesively integrate and all of your specific areas of concern are addressed.

Cohesive Integration of Business and Personal Financial Planning

Our services extend beyond wealth management and retirement planning, and also incorporate coordinating both business and personal financial planning needs. In specializing in serving business owners and families, we have developed a keen understanding of your unique challenges and specific needs. We aim to help you ensure your strategies cohesively work together. By providing comprehensive financial services, we seek to allow you to focus on more meaningful areas of your life and business.

Our Role as Your Partner

We are committed to building lifelong and trusted relationships with each and every one of our clients. We serve as a reliable and skillful resource to our clients. By explaining the reasoning behind our recommendations, educating you on your opportunities and risk, and being available to answer any of your financial questions, we seek to help you feel more confident in your future and empowered to make pivotal decisions.