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Business Owner Services

We serve a number of business owners working in a wide array of industries. As a business owner you face a number of day-to-day responsibilities and, as a result, don’t always have the time to focus on important financial strategies and risk solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

Professional Collaboration

We love to work for you with the other professional advisors in your life as a collective team.  As another option, we’ve formed strategic relationships only with other professionals whose mission aligns with our own: to offer the highest level of service, expertise, personalized attention, and inspired solutions. We collaborate with a diverse range of experienced professionals, including CPAs, Attorneys, Insurance Agents (property, casualty, commercial), Bankers, Payroll & Human Resources Outsourcing, Corporate Finance, Merger & Acquisition, Employee Benefits, Real Estate, and Private Equity.

This interdisciplinary approach allows us to connect you to a comprehensive suite of services. By relying on a team of professionals working together, you may be able to better ensure that your strategies cohesively integrate and all of your specific areas of concern are addressed.

Retirement Plan Consulting

Many business owners don't have the time to design, implement and manage a retirement plan. We work closely with you to determine appropriate retirement plan options that help your business, your employees and you individually pursue a financially secure retirement. We utilize Defined Contribution, Profit Sharing, Pension Plans as well as ESOPs, or a combination of them to help create a great solution. We'll also educate your employees on the company plan and options, along with offering to consult with them on their personal planning. Learn more about our retirement plan consulting services.

Private Wealth Management

It’s important to integrate your business planning with your personal financial needs. Beyond assisting you with your business strategies, we can assist with a wide range of wealth management services, including retirement planning, estate planning, investments, insurance, and more. Learn more about our personal wealth management services.

Succession Planning

There are two types of business succession: Planned and Unplanned.  If you can plan and orchestrate your exit from your business, it's truly the best of all worlds for you, your family and employees. Through proper planning and collaborating with the other professional advisors in your life, we'll help you and your business end up in desired circumstances after you exit your business.  If you die or have health issues that remove you from your business, what would happen in the following days, months and years? Succession needs can occur before your planned time horizon. We help you define those needs as a business owner or CEO. Your succession plan can help ensure a smooth transition of your business to new leadership, mitigate taxes, prevent a loss of control over the disposition of your company, and avoid a decline in the value of your business in the event of your death or unexpected disability.

Executive & Key Employee Benefits

Offering a non-qualified benefits plan can attract and retain key employees. We help you determine and implement appropriate plans, such as deferred compensation, long term incentive plans (LTIP), carve out, bonus, and supplemental executive retirement plans (SERP).

Buy/Sell Funding Strategies

Life insurance is designed to help protect a family in the event of an untimely death of a primary wage earner. But what protects a business in the event of a business owner’s death or total disability? One way to safeguard your business and protect it from a loss of revenue is to create a buy-sell agreement. Beyond offering advice on the agreement, we work with your attorney to determine the right type of agreement and make sure you have the appropriate funding in place to execute it.

Key Person Insurance

Key person Insurance is Life or Disability Income Insurance on a key employee or partner, with the business serving as the beneficiary. This can offset a risk by reimbursing your business for economic losses that occur, or the cost of hiring & training someone new, when a key person in your company dies or has health issues that cause them not to be able to work full time. We can work with you to determine your business’ key personnel and evaluate affordable solutions for this liability.